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Our two performance spaces allow us to present an eclectic annual season of work, which includes a mix of popular and academic, comedy and drama, musicals and play readings, one-person shows and pantomime.

In Circa Two, the immediacy of the connection between artist and audience is paramount. The smaller capacity and intimate nature of the space allows audiences to stay focused and observe actors at their most creative. The depth of that creativity is the main feature of this year’s Circa Two programme; we have assembled a season of plays and partnerships that demand a high level of theatrical magic, subtlety and discipline from our practitioners.

Circa Two can accommodate 98 people, with a fixed raked seating system.

2016 Circa Two Season:

Olive Copperbottom

10 - 27 May
A New Musical by Charles Dickens and Penny Ashton Director: Ben Crowder and Penny Ashton Company: Penash Productions Circa Two 10 – 27 May...
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$25 - $35

White Man Behind A Desk: Live

6 - 10 June
The Comedy Festival hit comes to Circa!
Written by Robbie Nicol and Finnius Teppett, with additional material from Stella Reid Directed by Stella Reid Produced by Bevin Linkhorn...
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$25 - $30

Larger than Life

14 - 17 June
Produced by Te Rēhia Theatre Company Directed by Tainui Tukiwaho (The Catch, Step Dave, Billy T James, The Almighty Johnsons) Written by: Chris...
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The First Time

21 June - 1 July
Written by Courtney Rose Brown Directed by Iris Henderson (Original production directed by Neenah Dekkers-Reihana) Circa Two 21 June – 1...
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$18 - $30

Destination Beehive: 2017

8 July - 5 Aug
By Lorae Parry and Pinky Agnew Director: Jan Bolwell Starring Lorae Parry, Pinky Agnew, Kate Harcourt and Carrie Green. Circa Two 8 July –...
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$25 - $52

Caging Skies

12 Aug - 9 Sept
Writer:  Desirée Gezentsvey Director: Andrew Foster Soundscape by Tane Upjohn-Beatson True passions. True lies. Circa Two 12 Aug – 9 Sept...
$25 - $52