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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find Circa Theatre?

- We are located on the Wellington Waterfront right next to Te Papa, on the corner of Taranaki and Cable Streets. Our physical address is 1 Taranaki Street, however the main entrance to the building is on the East side of the building, facing Te Papa.

- The closest public transport stops to Circa are located on Courtenay Place, in front of Reading Courtenay Central if coming from the West, and in front of the St James Theatre if coming from the East.

The buses that stop here are:

· 3 Karori Park – Lyall Bay

· 13 Mairangi – Wellington

· 14 Wilton – Kilbirnie

· 20 Highbury – Mt Victoria

· 22 Mairangi – Southgate

· 23 Mairangi – Houghton Bay

· 24 Miramar Heights via Evans Bay

· 43, 44 Khandallah – Strathmore

· Airport Flyer

For information about Wellington’s public transport system including schedules and fares, please visit

To get to Circa from either of these stops, walk to the intersection of Courtenay Place and Taranaki Street (head to your left if disembarking in front of Courtenay Central, and to your right if disembarking in front of the St. James). Once at the intersection, turn right, continuing North on Taranaki. You will need to cross through the intersections of Taranaki and Wakefield Streets and Taranaki and Cable Streets before reaching Circa. Circa Theatre is located on the North side of Cable Street, however the entrance is on the East side of the building, facing Te Papa.

- There is a taxi circle just off of Cable Street, in front of Te Papa and Circa. If taking a taxi to Circa, the driver will drop you off here – Circa is on the left and just a short walk (approximately 57 steps) across a flat, paved area from the taxi stand. Please note, there are knee-high lighting bollards set at intervals along the curb of the taxi circle and concrete barricades in front of the entrance to Circa, about 11 steps before the door, one on either side with approx. 14 steps between them. You can get to the door by going through them or around the one closest to the taxi circle. If you would like to take a taxi home after a performance at Circa, please just ask the Front of House Manager or one of the staff at Encore, who would be happy to make arrangements for you.

Where do I park?

- Circa Theatre does not have its own car park. The two nearest car parks are east of Circa off Cable Street:

· The first one is on the South side of Cable Street next to the Shona Moller Gallery and across from Te Papa. The cost is $3/hour, with a $5 maximum after 6.00pm on Saturday and Sunday. This car park is uncovered, and operates by a pay machine, located on the East end of the lot. Circa is just a short walk away; head West on Cable Street until the intersection of Cable and Taranaki Streets, cross to the North side of Cable and continue to your right around the Circa building until you reach the main entrance.

· The other is the car park at Te Papa, on the same side of the street as Circa, with both covered and uncovered spaces. There are five spaces for visitors with disabilities: two on the left as you enter the car park and three on the left as you continue into the covered area. The cost for parking here starts at $3.50/hour before 5.00pm, and is $2/hour with a maximum of $6 after 5.00pm. There are several ways to pay for parking, including at an auto-pay station or at the exit. For more information about parking at Te Papa, please visit:

To get to Circa from the Te Papa car park, just head towards the front entrance of Te Papa and then cross the paved area to the Circa entrance, approximately 82 steps away.

Are there any stairs at the entrance to Circa? Is there a ramp?

- No, there is a flat, paved area in front of the main entrance to Circa. There isn’t a ramp, as there is no need for one – the entrance is ground level without any incline whatsoever.

How do I get in the door?

- The main entrance is located on the East side of the building, facing Te Papa. There are two sets of double doors at the entrance; the outer set are white wood and are usually propped open, the inner set are dark wood with windows in them and can be either left fully closed or with one propped open, depending on the weather. The doors open outward, and therefore need to be pulled open if closed. There is no doorbell or buzzer to push if assistance is needed; however, the doors are in sight of the box office, so please feel free to knock and a staff person will come over to assist as needed. If it is just before a show and staff are otherwise occupied, there is often someone around who would be happy to help.

What are the floors like?

- The floor in the Circa foyer is covered in a short-pile carpet. The toilets have vinyl flooring, as do the theatre spaces, although there is short-pile carpeting on the stairs and aisles of the seating structures.

Where is the Box Office?

- The Box Office is to your right upon entering the Circa foyer through the main entrance, at a 45 degree angle and approximately 10 steps. The counter of the Box Office is 96 cms high.

The Box Office is open every day:

· Monday: 10.00am – 4.00pm

· Tuesday through Saturday: 10.00am – the last show goes in (usually 6.30pm, 7.30pm or 8.00pm)

· Sunday: 1.00pm – the last show goes in (usually 4.00pm or 4.30pm)

If you have any questions about the Circa experience, the Box Office staff person or Front of House Manager would be happy to assist.

How do I book tickets?

- Tickets can be booked here, over the phone at 801-7992 or in person at the Box Office. When booking your ticket, please indicate if you have any seating or other requirements. (If booking online, please also contact the box office via phone or email – – to advise of special requirements.)

- Ticket prices are generally:

· Adults $46

· Concession (students, seniors, beneficiaries) $38

· Friends of Circa $33 (for more information about the Friends of Circa programme, click here)

· Groups 6+ $39

· Groups 20+ $36

· Under 25 $25

What are Circa One and Circa Two? Where is each located?

- Circa Theatre has two performance spaces: Circa One and Circa Two.

- Circa One is the larger of the two spaces – its maximum seating capacity is 242, although the seating configuration can change based on the production. It is located on the left side of the foyer, only 11 steps from the main entrance.

- Circa Two is the smaller space, with 100 permanent seats. It is located on the far end of the foyer, directly opposite the main entrance, approximately 33 steps away.

Is there accessible seating in the theatres? Where can I sit if I use a wheelchair?

- The front row in either theatre space provides the most accessible seating, as it is a flat surface from the foyer to these seats, with no inclines or stairs.

- We do not have removable seating in either theatre, but we can accommodate one wheelchair in every performance – the wheelchair would sit in front of one of the front row seats. If you can transfer from your wheelchair to a seat, the Front of House manager will be happy to look after it for you during the performance, and make sure it is ready for you as soon as the interval begins or the show ends. Due to space restrictions, we do ask our patrons who need to remain in their wheelchairs to wait until the house is seated before taking their spot. If you have any questions about seating, please contact the Box Office at 801-7992.

Where are the accessible toilets?

- There is one accessible, unisex toilet in Circa. It is located next to the Men’s toilet around the corner on the left side of the bar, close to Circa Two. It is 148.5 cms wide and 159 cms deep.

Can I use the phone?

- Circa does not have a telephone available for patron use. However, if you have an emergency or need to make arrangements for pick up, please ask the Front of House manager, Box Office staff person or an Encore staff person, and they will be happy to assist you.

Where can I get something to eat or drink?

- Encore Restaurant is located in the Circa Theatre building. They operate an evening a la carte restaurant and bar/counter food services before and during most performances. For more information about Encore, including the current menu, please go here.

- Encore Restaurant is located in the conservatory overlooking the Wellington Waterfront, on the North side of the building. It can be accessed through the Circa foyer in two places: to the right of the Box Office and to the right of the bar on the far side of the foyer from the main entrance. It is on the same level of the foyer, so there are no steps or other barriers to access the restaurant.

- The counter in the foyer is for bar/counterfood service immediately before, during and after the show. This counter is 103 cms high. Orders must be placed at the counter and there is generally no table service, although staff is happy to provide assistance if needed.

- Advance bookings are required for the evening, a la carte restaurant, located in the conservatory. Please call 801-7996 to make a reservation. Encore recommends arriving for dinner two hours before the show starts in order to ensure that you can enjoy your meal in time.

Does anyone speak New Zealand Sign language?

- Our Marketing Manager is currently taking a class in NZSL and can hold a basic conversation.

Where is the lift?

- There is no lift in Circa – all patrons areas are on ground level.

Can I borrow a wheelchair?

- Unfortunately, Circa does not have wheelchairs for loan.

How much notice must I give for access services?

- For seating and other access requirements when attending a performance, please advise when booking your ticket. The earlier the booking is made, the more likely it is that we will be able to accommodate all requirements; as performances fill up, it becomes harder to ensure that the required seats will be available.

- Please also indicate any requirements at the time of booking at Encore Restaurant; again, the earlier the booking is made, the better.

- If you have any questions about accessibility at Circa, please contact the Box Office at 801-7992.

Do you have any events that are audio described?

- Circa held an audio described performance of Four Flat Whites in Italy by Roger Hall in 2011, All My Sons by Arthur Miller in 2012 and Mother Goose by Michele Amas in 2013. We are currently planning for an audio described performance in 2014, and will update our website accordingly when it is planned.

Do you provide NZSL interpreted performances?

- Circa offered an NZSL interpreted performance of Tribes by Nina Raine in 2013 and Kings of the Gym by Dave Armstrong in 2014. We would like to hold more in the future, and will update our website accordingly when the next is planned.

Do you have a hearing loop or infra-red system?

- No, we do not have either of these systems at this time.

Can I have access to a script of the play before a performance?

- Yes, this can be arranged, but we need at least a week’s notice. Please contact the Box Office at 801-7992 or to request.

In what formats is your 2014 season brochure available?

- It is available for download on this website in PDF format. We also have hard copies available for pick up in the foyer and at various locations around the city. For those who require it in Word format, please contact Cara Hill, Marketing Manager, at 801-7992 or and a copy will be emailed to you.

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