Mike & Virginia - Playreading

  • Written by: Nick Ward and Kathryn Burnett
  • Directed by: Kerryn Palmer
  • Circa Two
  • 17 November − 17 November

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Circa Theatre and Playmarket are pleased to present a fantastic array of engaging and thought-provoking play readings. New works by New Zealand playwrights Ken Duncum, Elspeth Sandys, Joe Musaphia, Phil Braithwaite, Kathryn Burnett and Nick Ward will be presented in rehearsed readings, along with Jerusalem by international award-winning playwright Jez Butterworth. The readings will take place at Circa once a month from June to November. Each reading will be helmed by a well-known local theatre director and performed by a cast of professional actors. Tickets are just $5.

The last play reading of the Circa Theatre and Playmarket Season of Play Readings 2012 is:

17th November 2012

Mike & Virginia
By Nick Ward and Kathryn Burnett

A romantic comedy... about romantic comedy.

Mike and Virginia. Both single. Both competitive. Both lecturers in film studies: her specialty is romantic comedy, his is monster movies. She thinks he's an arrogant knuckle-dragger, he thinks she's a bitter cow. The very worst thing they could do is fall in love.

So begins this fast-moving romp of a play from two of New Zealand's busiest screenwriters. Kathryn Burnett and Nick Ward (Second Hand Wedding and Love Birds) have set out to explore and subvert every romantic comedy convention in the book resulting in a love story that is smart, funny and surprisingly tender.

For lovers and cynics alike.


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17 November − 17 November


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