Seed (Play Reading)

  • Written by: Elisabeth Easther
  • Directed by: Susan Wilson
  • Circa One
  • 17 August − 17 August

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A synopsis
Seed is a play about what some people will do to get a life.

Seed is a multi-narrative play about the business of fertility. Today we have access to other people’s eggs, sperm, and a range of expensive avenues to go down when nature isn’t taking its course. And abortions are easy to access because reproduction is all about choice.

Who’d have dreamed that one day people would pay rent for their frozen embryos? Or that ovulation apps would appear on smart phones? Or that doctors would instruct their patients to have intercourse via text message?

Seed is about the anxiety some women experience to learn they’re pregnant, even while in loving relationships, and about fancy fertility clinics that prey on people’s primal urge to replicate, in the hope of cementing the bond with their partner in a way a ring, a house or a promise just doesn’t.

Seed follows four women as they try to get pregnant, stay pregnant or become un-pregnant.

How far would you go to get a life?

Elisabeth’s bio:
Elisabeth Easther is a writer and sometimes an actress. A graduate of Victoria University’s Theatre and Film Department, and Toi Whakaari NZ Drama School, she has had a broad range of jobs in New Zealand and the UK for the past 24 years. She was a regular on Shortland Street, playing the murderous nurse Carla Crozier and has also appeared in Outrageous Fortune, Power Rangers, Legend of the Seeker, as well as playing a leading role in local feature film Rest for the Wicked. Elisabeth is currently onscreen playing Nicky Coleman in a series of commercials for Countdown supermarkets. Elisabeth is a sought-after voice artist, voicing ads for Whittaker’s Chocolate and Sky TV and appearing regularly on Radio NZ National, as a commentator and critic. She has trained and worked as a script advisor in NZ and London, and has written several plays for the stage as well as scripts for television. As a journalist, Elisabeth has contributed to numerous publications around the world, and currently works for The NZ Herald as a feature writer with Weekend Life, the Travel section and The Herald on Sunday’s Living supplement.

Cast and crew

Starring: Sarah Boddy, Christopher Brougham, Jude Gibson, Miranda Manasiadis and Lyndee-Jane Rutherford

Show times

17 August − 17 August


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