Theatresports Freestyle

  • Written by: The Improvisors
  • Directed by: The Improvisors
  • Circa Two
  • 25 August − 13 October

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On the spot comedy where the only limits are time and YOUR imagination!

Theatresports Freestyle takes the best improvised comedians in Wellington and throws them into competition to see just who are the best on-the-spot performers.

No rules. No games that must be played. Only time is a limit.

“The Freestyle format is a real players’ favourite. You get a chance to see them really lay to their strengths and shine. In past seasons when it was called “Improv Cage Match” the show has provided some of our creative highlights.”– Greg Ellis, Improvisor

As the audience YOU get to challenge the fastest wits in town to create the comedy that no other show lets them create.

It’s fast, it’s fresh and it’s fun … and anything could happen!

Find out about the concept behind Theatresports Freestyle in Circa's blog, drama on the waterfront.

Show times

25 August − 13 October

Sundays 7pm

Ticket prices

$18 Adult

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