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Literature or Ephemera?

One hour, 2pm, Friday 11 March 2016
Too few plays get repeat showings. Some plays are studied, some seen often, some are devised and some forgotten. Even Bruce Mason and Roger Hall, who are household names, have not had all of their plays staged.

Who the Hell are We?

One hour, 12.30pm, Friday 11 March 2016
Reflections of Kiwis on stage both challenge and entrench our unique lifestyle. From Foreskin’s Lament to Waiora; from Middle Age Spread to The Motor Camp – are we representing our nation honestly on stage?

Stand Up & Be Counted

One hour, 11am, Friday 11 March 2016
The Guardian UK’s list of the 101 Greatest Plays in any western language included only one woman (Caryl Churchill). Are New Zealand’s women playwrights as invisible?


2pm, Saturday 12 March 2016
Written by Anthony McCarten funnygirl Anthony McCarten (Ladies Night, The Theory of Everything) has dramatised his explosive novel; pleading to for tolerance, the freedom of individuals, and the freedom of art. Azime is 20 years old and shy. She is Kurdish but grew up in London....

Jekyll & Hyde

19 March – 16 April 2016
Directed by Leo Gene Peters Produced by A Slightly Isolated Dog   A Slightly Isolated Dog is back with the highly anticipated follow-up to last years’ smash hit, Don Juan!  This year they bring you the harrowing, terrifying and yet still exceptionally sexy tale of Dr. Jekyll...
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Joyful and Triumphant

2 April - 7 May 2016
Written by Robert Lord Directed by Susan Wilson This outstanding award-winning New Zealand play returns to celebrate Circa’s 40th birthday Anniversary. “What do you have if you don’t have family?” “Peace of Mind?” How to survive the train wreck that can be Christmas with the...
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The War Play

2pm, Saturday 16 April 2016
Written by Philip Braithwaite The War Play “Private Jack Braithwaite’s story is so simple it could be summarised in a few words: he went to fight in the Great War, he behaved badly as a soldier, he was executed. Yet there is so much more to it than that. For his bad behaviour,...
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Improv for Kids 2016

18 April - 30 April
The Improvisors For the April School Holidays Kids love theatre that’s interactive. So do the Improvisors. Kids (and their grown-ups) loved the 2015 season of Improv For Kids, so we’re bringing it back. It’s a great opportunity to introduce your kids to the world of live theatre....
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King Lear

14 May - 18 June 2016
William Shakespeare Directed by Michael Hurst Starring Ray Henwood as King Lear Proudly sponsored by Christopher Finlayson and Cariad Productions HURRY LAST DAYS! ENDS SAT 18 JUNE All or Nothing Circa Theatre celebrates its 40th anniversary with a brand new productio...
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Promise and Promiscuity

70 Minutes
A New Musical by Jane Austen and Penny Ashton Workshop Direction by Ben Crowder Additional Workshops by Penny Ashton Musical Direction by Robbie Ellis Follow the fortunes of Miss Elspeth Slowtree as she battles literary snobbery, her mother’s nerves and the digestions of Cousin...
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Theatresports 2016

1 May - 5 June
By The Improvisors Part of the New Zealand International Comedy Festival Take two teams of Improvisors, throw them at the mercy of the audience and see what magic unfolds! The world-wide comedy sensation that is Theatresports has found a happy home at Circa Theatre and this is...
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Relaxed Performance of Robin Hood: The Pantomime

9 and 12 December 2015
This year at Circa Theatre something special will be taking place; for the first time in New Zealand, Circa’s summer pantomime will include a Relaxed Performance of Roger Hall’s Robin Hood, directed by Susan Wilson. A Relaxed Performance is a stage production...

Everest Untold

6 - 11 June 2016
Directed by Toby Leach Produced by Ffynroc Productions Starring Stephen Lovatt & Edwin Wright ONE WEEK ONLY! ENDS SAT 11 JUNE Reinforcement that the successful summiting of Everest in 1953 was a team effort where everybody played their part is the theme that underpins Everest...
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Shakespeare’s Will

2pm, Saturday 11 June 2016
Written by Vern Thiessen Directed by Katherine McRae Starring Perry Piercy as Anne Hathaway Shakespeare’s Will   2016 is the 400th anniversary of the death of William Shakespeare and, alongside King Lear, we are delighted to present this solo piece from Canadian...
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15 - 18 June 2016
Directed by Craig Geenty Produced by Te Rēhia Theatre Company Starring Regan Taylor Part of the Kia Mau Festival 2016 Presented in Association with The British Council This Matariki see Māori Performance Mask (Te Mata Kokako o Rēhia) come to life as Regan Taylor unfolds an...
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Mana Wahine – SOLD OUT!

21 - 25 June 2016
Run Time 70 Minutes
An Okareka Dance Company production Directed By Taane Mete, Taiaroa Royal, Malia Johnston Part of the Kia Mau Festival 2016 SOLD OUT! Celebrate powerful women with this all-female dance work that draws strength from traditional Maori mythology. Three of New Zealand’s best...
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La Casa Azul – Inspired by the writings of Frida Kahlo

Written by Sophie Faucher Translated by Neil Bartlett Directed by Lyndee-Jane Rutherford Starring Kali Kopae, Bronwyn Turei SORRY! ALL SHOWS ARE NOW SOLD OUT! La Casa Azul – Inspired by the Writings of Frida Kahlo invites you to experience not only Frida Kahlo’s world, but...
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Red Riding Hood – The Pantomime

15 November 2015 - 10 January 2016
By Roger Hall Songs by Paul Jenden and Michael Nicholas Williams Directed by Susan Wilson   What a big smile you’ll have … Don’t miss Circa’s fabulous Christmas panto! And this year Red Riding Hood is back with one of the great traditional stories – innocent Red Riding Hood,...

Stage Kiss

2 - 30 July
HURRY LAST WEEK! DON’T MISS OUT! Written by Sarah Ruhl Directed by Ross Jolly ‘Stage Kiss is a brilliant, brittle, funny play – and a minefield for actors. Under Ross Jolly’s assured direction, a group of super-talented Circa actors pick their way through the mines almost...
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Scarlet & Gold

2pm, Saturday 9 July 2016
In Preparation for the Production later in the year
Written by Lorae Parry Scarlet & Gold In Preparation for the upcoming production in December 2016 The dramatic Waihi strike of 1912 was the first union action in New Zealand where women played an active and innovative part.  Scarlet & Gold follows the changing fortunes of...
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