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1 Taranaki Street, Wellington | Box Office Ph: 04 801 7992
Duration: 17 - 19 Jun
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Price: $25 - $30
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FEATURING Teremoana Rapley

17 – 19 Jun 
Circa Two
Thur – Sat 7.30pm
$25 – $30

Runtime: 56 min

Content warnings: smoke effects or haze, strobe lighting, loud music or very loud effects, large LED screen
No latecomers

The portrayal of a Black Moana Sovereign Story.

Drawing from an unapologetic place of normalcy. Teremoana presents a fluid multidisciplinary performance piece, that is modular in construction and founded in Sovereign Storytelling. Live visuals coupled with bottom-heavy tracks interwoven with sweet acoustic flamenco inspired folk songs sits within an evolving seasonal back-drop setting the tone and mood for her work. Part one of a work-in-progress triptych series, this is Daughter.

Image credit: SWNDLR

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