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Duration: 29 August - 20 September 2014

Written by: Pinky Agnew and Lorae Parry
Directed by: Jan Bolwell
Musical direction by Michael Nicholas Williams


A political comedy 


Join the sharp-witted duo who brought you The Truth About LoveThe Candidates and Sex Drive, for a rollercoaster ride towards Election 2014 – closing night is also Election night!

Meet a batch of fresh faces – the newest candidates on the political platform, as they dash to their destination – The Beehive.

Who will be the powerbroker? Who will be the jobless joker?

Meet the flip-floppers and the name droppers. The backsliders and the backstabbers. The naggers, the knockers, the pleasers and the sleazes, as they hurtle towards… Destination Beehive!

Note: the dates for the season are not the same as those listed in the 2014 Circa brochure – they had to be moved forward to correspond with the early Election date!


  • Starring: Lorae Parry, Pinky Agnew, Kate Harcourt, Carrie Green, Jack Buchanan

  • 29 August − 20 September

    Tuesday to Saturday 7.30pm

    Sunday 4.30pm

    13 and 20 September: extra 4pm matinee

    19 September: extra performance added 9.45pm

  • Adult $46

    Concession $38

    Friends of Circa (until 14 September) $33

    Groups 6+ $39 20+ $36

    Under 25s $25

  • Parody Breaks Up Political Stodge


    It was pre-millennium when Lorae Parry and Pink Agnew successfully brought their alter-egos Helen Clarke and Jenny Shipley to the screen.

    And although they have moved on from these their prowess as writers of political satire hasn’t waned, as evidenced in their latest showDestination Beehive.

    Their writing is as astute and funny as ever and under director Jan Bolwell, and joined by six very versatile and competent actors, they have produced a slick, highly polished and very entertaining show.

    The basic premise is simple but effective; a new electorate of Port Nicholson has been created and in this election TV special reporters Tina Fisher (Pinky Agnew) and Katrina Coleman (Lorae Parry) are going to introduce the candidates.

    Each presents their case and what their campaign platform is, often with the help of their party leader and ending with a well known song that has had the lyrics changed to parody their party to great effect. Between each is Tama T (Jonathan Morgan) giving weather updates on how campaigning is going around the rest of the country.

    While every character presented is a delight and most are on the button with their interpretations some of the stand out ones are Dame Kate Harcourt’s NZ Fist Candidate Maude Hornby with her devotion to Winston in the song Winston Makes My Clothes Fall Off while Carrie Green makes a wonderful Paula Bennett, the “go to chick” in cabinet who tells everyone to get a job and her Metiria Turei, “we’re not a joint party any more” is spot on.

    Jack Buchanan does a wonderful impersonation of Labour’s Jacinda Ardern, and his pro smacking, anti-gay Colin call-me-crazy Craig sends up the Conservative Party to great effect.

    Agnew and Parry also take many roles including Parry’s Terry White, the National candidate whose main campaign slogan is changing the flag and Agnew having great fun in her role as Judith ‘Crusher’ Collins.

    There are a number of surprises in the show, including the Labour candidate and the finale where all the candidates are presented in a very creative and funny song-and-dance routine. It all makes a great break from the seriousness of the election campaign.



    John Smythe, Theatreview, 30 August 2014

    David Farrar, Kiwiblog, 1 September 2014


Running time: approx 1 hour 20 minutes (no interval)

Extra performance added: Friday, 19 September 9.45pm