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1 Taranaki Street, Wellington | Box Office Ph: 04 801 7992
Duration: Sundays 28 Jun – 2 Aug
Price: $18 - $25

PRODUCERS Harriet Prebble & Gavin Rutherford
COMPANY Canvas Abyss

Sundays at 7pm 
28 Jun – 2 Aug
Circa Two
$18 – $25

A live fantasy adventure guided by fate

Dungeoning and Dragoning takes the beloved basement tabletop role-playing game and turns it into a spectator sport, where improvised theatre meets collaborative storytelling meets your geekiest dreams come true.

Watch the mighty Dungeon Master lead a ragtag party of Wellington’s best performers through a fantastical adventure as they weave rich stories, make new allies and vanquish old enemies… but only if the dice allow.

Drop in for a single night or follow the crew through their six-part adventure. Frequently hilarious, sometimes moving and always unpredictable, this is spontaneous, unscripted theatre controlled entirely by chance.

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