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Duration: 11 Feb
Location: Play reading
Price: Free
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by Paul McLaughlin


A rehearsed reading of this new play, commissioned by Circa Theatre.

11 Feb
Circa Two

Andy Warhol’s rise from a sickly Czechoslovakian immigrant’s son to undisputed Superstar of the Pop Art World is charted in this new play.

Andy famously foretold that in the future, “everyone will be famous for fifteen minutes”.

Warhol held a mirror up to society, to advertising, art, film and music – but who was the man behind the mirror and what fuelled his white hot desire for fame and acceptance? What happened to Andy and his superstars? What is the cost of fame?

A play that combines music, art, theatre and film in a kaleidoscopic trip, Fifteen Minutes of Fame – The Andy Warhol Experience lets you take a walk of the wild side through the sixties, seventies and eighties of downtown Manhattan at Andy Warhol’s Silver Factory.


Paul McLaughlin
Victor Rodger
Simon Leary
Richard Dey
Richard Chapman
Neenah Dekkers-Reihana
Heather O’Carroll
Amy Tarleton