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Duration: Sat 13 March 2pm
Price: $10 - $19
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THE LEE LETTER by artist Xoë Hall



Written by Claire Robinson
Directed by Ross Jolly

Sat 13 March, 2pm
$10 (Fringe addict) / $15 / $19
Circa Two

It will come as a surprise to many today, that Michael Joseph (Joe) Savage, the Labour Party’s first ‘rockstar’ leader, was likely also New Zealand’s first closeted gay Prime Minister. Set during the turbulent 1935-‘40 period, THE LEE LETTER explores the deadly power struggle between an increasingly unstable and medication-reliant Savage and his “frenemy”, popular socialist MP John A (Jack) Lee.
Once sharing a radical utopian vision for New Zealand, both men eventually destroyed each other’s political careers before either could realise that vision.

Featuring:  Jeff Kingsford-Brown as Michael Joseph (Joe) Savage and Gavin Rutherford as John A (Jack) Lee with Jamie McCaskill, Ken Blackburn, Stephen Gledhill, Lloyd Scott, Harriet Prebble.



PP PHOTO HEAD Gavin Rutherford


Ken Blackburn - Gloucester









Jeff Kingsford-Brown                                      Gavin Rutherford                                    Jamie McCaskill                                          Ken Blackburn


Stephen Gledhill

Lloyd Scott










Stephen Gledhill                                          Lloyd Scott                                    Harriet Prebble


Image artist: Xoë Hall

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