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Brought to you by The Improvisors

A COVID-19 update from Circa

The Improvisors and Circa want to get kids involved in live theatre. We know that kids love theatre. We also know that kids love theatre that’s interactive. And that’s what The Improvisors do.

The Improvisors are back for the April school holidays with a theatrical experience that lets the audience take charge. The kids’ suggestions will drive the scenes – they provide sound effects, props and even costumes. It is Improv for Kids!

The Improvisors’ comedy takes you into the magic of your own imagination. Every show is unique – crafted for the children by comedians who are mums and dads. The kids love it – they shout out, they dance, they wriggle and move – and are encouraged to be part of the action.

This is a show that provides genuine family entertainment perfect for those aged 4–12 and parents who are young at heart! Gift your child or grandchild with the magic of theatre – and you will probably have a giggle or two, too.

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