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Location: CIRCA 2022 SUBMISSIONS - closed 5pm Monday 31 May 2021

Submissions have now closed.

“We believe a great theatre experience inspires, entertains, transforms and nourishes the human spirit.”

  • Circa Theatre will welcome submissions from professional theatre practitioners and companies for the 2022 Circa programme between 1 Feb – 31 May 2021. Submissions closed 5pm Monday 31 May 2021.
  • Please note, there will be a limited number of slots available next year as some of our 2020 productions and submissions may rollover to 2022.
  • As we are still in a time of Global Pandemic we will be programming with care and caution.
  • We are looking for small cast plays and new New Zealand works. Awareness of budget due to possible lockdowns is still an issue.
  • Given that social distancing protocols could still be in place, we would welcome and encourage pitches that feature new and innovative ways of engaging with audiences but we will still consider traditional pitches as well.

Please send your completed application form to Programming Co-ordinator Linda Wilson programming@circa.co.nz before 5pm Monday 31 May 2021.

Our programme is the life-blood of our theatre. The Circa Council is responsible for all programming decisions and considers a large number of plays each year in order to settle on a programme which strives to match our artistic vision. In a rigorous selection process, projects are assessed on their artistic and commercial strengths.

1. What are we looking for?

Our annual programme is a mix of classics and new work from New Zealand and across the globe.  We programme a wide-ranging selection of work including drama, comedy, dance, immersive and interactive theatre, musical theatre, children’s theatre and an annual Pantomime. Circa is dedicated to the development, creation and presentation of new New Zealand work, including Māori and Pasifika work.

Circa tends to programme projects that have a production model in place (most applications have a director attached), although we will consider new scripts from playwrights with a view to developing these towards production.

2. We welcome: 

Māori and Pasifika scripts

Devised projects

Plays that are politically and socially engaged

Plays that are artistically ambitious and thematically expansive.

Preference is given to full-length scripted plays with small casts (8 is a large cast), and to new New Zealand work. There is limited scope for re-mounts of works previously seen in Wellington

3. The process

Submissions have now closed.

Selected submissions will be asked to pitch their proposals to the Circa Council on Saturday 10th July 2021. These submissions will be notified from August 2021 as to their inclusion in the 2022 Programme.

4. Things to consider in your submission:

Submissions are assessed on their artistic vision, their context in our annual programme, their ability to meet our audiences, and the practicality of the production. Submissions should provide a clear overview of a projects practical and artistic makeup, in the context of presenting at Circa Theatre.

Circa Theatre comprises two venues – Circa One seats around 228 with flexible seating so the number can vary from around 180 (though we do not want to go much lower that that in this larger venue) and Circa Two which seats 102.

Circa Theatre is not a venue for hire but enters into partnerships which work on a division of the Box Office take. There is limited support funding available from TACT (the Theatre Artists’ Charitable Trust). If required, this should be indicated on the initial submission.

There are a limited number of slots available in Circa One, which is programmed predominantly into 4 week seasons (plus a production week) giving 26 performances.

There is more flexibility with length of season and length of play in Circa Two, but also less funding available from TACT.

If you have any questions regarding planning a production for the Circa programme please contact Programming Co-ordinator Linda Wilson programming@circa.co.nz to discuss your project.

5. How does Circa Theatre work?

  • Circa offers ongoing professional opportunities for theatre practitioners. Most of the productions we programme are produced by Single Venture Partnerships (SVP), where participating artists agree to share their risks and rewards in partnership with Circa. At the start of rehearsals the SVP decides its production budget and how it will split any profit. At the end of the season, after booking fees and GST have been accounted for, the SVP takes 70% of the box office income. Out of this they pay production costs and the balance is shared amongst the participating artists.
  • The remaining 30% goes to Circa to cover administrative costs and royalty payments (10%). If there are no royalty payments to be made, the split between Circa and the SVP is 80% – 20%.
  • Circa may agree to support the SVP by floating production costs during the rehearsal and presentation periods, and some funding may be available towards artists living costs during rehearsals.
  • Priority is given to new productions, however some funding may be available to support shows being re-mounted or touring.
  • Circa provides general support for marketing however, each SVP must have a designated publicist as part of their team.
  • Circa’s Technical Manager is available in an advisory capacity, each co-op must provide their own designers, technicians and operators.
  • Directors should note that the Circa model requires that their role often includes elements of producing as well.