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Duration: 23 - 28 March
Price: $25 - $52
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COMPANY Borderline Arts Ensemble



Death                            Michael Parmenter (MNZM)
The Maiden                Lucy Marinkovich
The Rational Man    Nick Blake
The Musician             Lucien Johnson
Choreomaniacs        Hannah Tasker-Poland
                                        Katie Rudd
                                        Eliza Sanders
                                        Sean MacDonald
                                        Xin Ji
                                        Emmanuel Reynaud


23 – 28 March
Circa One
Tues – Thurs 6.30pm; Fri – Sat 8pm & Sun 4pm
$25 – $52

Please Note: Contains nudity and loud music

Runtime: 1hr 14mins

Strasbourg 1518 Trailer from Lucien Johnson on Vimeo.


Strasbourg 1518. A city on the brink. The triple threat of escalating inequality, rampant misogyny and a devastating drought threaten to break the town in two. When a lone woman steps out of her house and begins to dance, everyone is bewildered. But within days, hundreds more have followed her lead. As the authorities invent ever more bizarre ways to resolve this new crisis, the city falls one by one into a delirious hypnosis of a real-life dance with death.

“Strasbourg 1518 is as chilling and wild, and as beautiful, as you want dance in the theatre to be.” — Dance Aotearoa New Zealand / Michelle Potter ‘On Dancing’, Jennifer Shennan

“Strasbourg 1518 seizes your imagination and emotions with an uncompromising grasp.”  – Regional News, Leah Maclean

Strasbourg 1518 was produced by Borderline Arts Ensemble with the support of the New Zealand Festival, Creative New Zealand, Wellington City Council, Wallace Arts Trust, Wellesley Studios, Wellington Community Trust, the Australian High Commission, and the Theatre Artists Charitable Trust. Strasbourg 1518 was commissioned by the New Zealand Festival and premiered in March 2020, returning to Circa Theatre and the Auckland Arts Festival in 2021.

Strasbourg_1518-pm_Ra_35875-A4 Photo Philip Merry

Photo: Philip Merry



Main Photo: Alex Efimoff