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Duration: 25 Nov–17 Dec
Location: Circa Two
Price: $30–$55
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The Secret Lives of Extremely Old People

By Rachel McAlpine

Presented by The 90 Plus Group

Directed by Robin Payne

Starring Lloyd Scott, Annie Ruth, Gary Young, Grace Hoete, Anna O’Brien

Is life worth living after 90? Ask the experts!

Writer Rachel McAlpine was shocked to the core when her GP predicted she would live to 99. Like most people, she had opinions about very old age but no experience.

So she asked local people in their 90s about their lives, and their revelations broke all the stereotypes. She also trod the footpaths of Wellington asking, “How do you picture your life at 95?”

The Secret Lives of Extremely Old People erupted from those conversations.

Five fictional nonagenarians share their fascinating stories. They riff, they rant, they rebel, they remember. Tragedy hovers and death is drawing close. So why do they say they are lucky? Deeper than data about old age, their stories are startling, exhilarating and moving.

As for the predictions of younger people, anything goes!

“I’m glad to be alive but not opposed to dying.” — Puti

“I like balloon volleyball. That’s my favourite. It’s a blood sport.” — Peggy

“I don’t want to be that old.” “I’ll be high as balls.” “I’ll be kind and wise.” “I’ll try to be as godly as I can.” — random Wellington pedestrians

Audience care: Sex, death and euthanasia are discussed but they do not occur on stage. Old-fashioned swearing.

You can find the Programme here

25 Nov–17 Dec
Circa Two
Tues – Sat 2.30pm & 7.30pm, Sun 4.30pm
$30 – $55

Due to popularity extra shows have been added on Saturday 9th December and Saturday 16th December at 2.30 pm.

Runtime: 1 hour 40 minutes (no interval)

Image by Rachel McAlpine

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