Circa’s New Zealand-wide reputation for excellence is built on over 30 years of professional experience. And what a history! Champions of quality playwriting and performance since 1976, home and host to New Zealand’s most influential theatre-makers, Circa continues to lead New Zealand theatre into the 21st Century.

Over 350 productions have been presented by Circa during its lifetime. With two performance spaces running, up to 20 different shows are staged each year, providing theatre practitioners with much needed employment and income and the Wellington theatre-going audience a diverse bill of entertainment.

Our complementary performance spaces allow us to present an eclectic annual season of work, which includes a popular mix of comedies, dramas, musicals and pantomime.

Great theatre is a reflection of life and the human condition. It reflects true emotions and realities of the stories that we all share. When all the elements come together, something truly fantastic occurs: a connection between artists and audience. It's an experience that is both life reflected and Larger than Life. Our Circa One stage is the perfect setting for this connection to take place, with a scale allowing for the epic, the spectacular, the dramatic and the hilarious. For 38 years we have been committed to empowering artists - scores of leading directors, actors and designers - to produce New Zealand and International work and share their stories with our audiences. This year's Circa One season continues this tradition, presenting an exceptional line-up that will delight, transform, challenge and inspire you.

Join us in Circa One and help make the connection happen ... with your help we will all become Larger than Life.

In Circa Two, the immediacy of the connection between artist and audience is paramount. We have held true to the theatrical values that are at the heart of Circa One's philosophy but have put them through a different lens. The smaller capacity and intimate nature of the Circa Two space allows audiences to stay focused and observe actors at their most creative. The depth of that creativity is the main feature of this year's Circa Two programme; we have assembled a season of plays and partnerships that demand a high level of theatrical magic, subtlety and discipline from our practitioners.

Join us - become part of the experience and get Up Close and Personal.

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