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1 Taranaki Street, Wellington | Box Office Ph: 04 801 7992
Location: On Wellington's waterfront, this stunning new design is by Sebastian Bernhardt of Inside Design.
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Circa Theatre is the heart of Wellington’s thriving arts community and a leader of New Zealand theatre. We are about to commence the second and final phase of the refurbishment and rebuild, which has been ongoing over the past couple of years. To be able to complete this final stage, we are fundraising for the remaining $100,000.

Stage One included a entire repaint of the building, roof repairs, and the full restoration of our historic Eastern façade. Stage two will include a complete re-design of the harbour-facing frontage, as well as a brand new restaurant and bar. The new architecturally designed north facing façade is set to be a prominent and sophisticated added feature on the waterfront, adding to Wellington’s world-class food and tourism offer. 

This stunning design by Sebastian Bernhardt of Inside Design, includes a ‘Velarium, a kinetic art installation, by internationally renowned designer Kayne Horsham of Kaynemaile. Their light-weight Bio-based architectural fabric, inspired by the chainmail armour in The Lord of the Rings, is hard-wearing and will move with a wiri reflecting the waters of our energised harbour-side location.










Circa is artist-focused, and most of our income goes directly to creative artists rather than bricks and mortar. This Great Rebuild will sustain Wellington’s iconic Theatre for generations to come. 

If you have any questions about the project, or you wish to make a larger contribution, please contact Chrissy Boulton on partnership@circa.co.nz






Concept art: Inside Design