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As both Set and Costume Designer, Ian Harman is responsible for creating the striking visual world of A Doll’s House. Below he explains his production concepts and process. I absolutely adored Emily Perkins’ take on A Doll’s House. I wanted to set it very “now” so the immediacy...

Reflections on Caging Skies

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Playwright Desiree Gezentsvey, author Christine Leunens, and Director Andrew Foster reflect on Desiree’s stage adaptation of Caging Skies: Desiree: When I met Christine two years ago, she gave me a copy of Caging Skies and I was instantly hooked. Why did her moving story of love,...

A Doll’s House – Peter McCauley returns to Circa, Ibsen and working with Emily Perkins

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Peter McCauley plays Gerry in A Doll’s House. Here Peter shares his thoughts on returning to Circa, to Ibsen and to working with Emily Perkins once again. If the past is a foreign country, as is stated in The Go-Between then my history in that country speaks with a forked tongue....

A blast from the past – “Larger Than Life”

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Larger than Life were Ngaruawahia’s third-best children’s novelty act back in the 70’s and 80’s. Now they’re all grown up and ready for a comeback. Travel back in time to small town Aotearoa, and join three hūpē nosed brothers, Te-Whakakotahitanga-o-Ngā-iwi-o-Te-Motu Boy-George...