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“Great comedy and characters”: Carrie Green

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This week, drama on the waterfront talks to No Naughty Bits cast member Carrie Green about Monty Python, her Circa debut and censorship. DOTW: Please tell us a bit about your character in No Naughty Bits. CG: I play Nancy Lewis, a band promoter turned Python’s American publicist....

HALLOWEENIES! The Improvisors Spring School Holiday Show

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What if all the things that go bump in the night are just misunderstood? To round the year off The Improvisors have a special early Halloween treat. Halloweenies presents the least scary cast of spooky misfits you are ever likely to see on stage. No screams here, just big laughs!...

Midsummers mid-week production

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Circa Two is buzzing with Scottish flair and folk. We’re mid-production week forMIDSUMMER (a play with songs), and if it’s not laughter you’re hearing bounding out of the theatre, than it’s the compelling sound of Byron and Kate’s voices, bringing to life the beautiful turns and...

No Naughty Bits

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And now for something completely different ……   Here is the perfect way to get in the mood for Circa’s next comedy – No Naughty Bits….. the Monty Python You Tube channel – with over 70 genuine clips of the Pythons at their best!...

Circa’s Programming Process

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Ever wanted to know how Circa chooses the plays it produces? The Circa Council is hard at work on the programme for 2014, so it seemed a good opportunity to explain to drama on the waterfront how the programming process works at Circa. Circa’s programme is the life-blood of our...