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Behind-the-scenes with Kings of the Gym Stage Manager Oscar Mulheron.

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Kings of the Gym Stage Manager Oscar Mulheron talks to drama on the waterfrontabout his accidental career, working with his uncle and the highs and lows of stage management.   DOTW: How did you get into Stage Management and what was the appeal? OM: I really fell into it by...

Becoming a playwright

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Kings of the Gym playwright Dave Armstrong tells drama on the waterfront about how he became a professional playwright in New Zealand.   As a professional playwright, one of the questions I’m most commonly asked, apart from the ubiquitous ‘where do you get your ideas from’...

Mother Goose: On Writing a Panto

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For the first blog post of 2014, Mother Goose playwright Michele Amas tells drama on the waterfront about her experience writing a pantomime.   On Writing a Panto By Michele Amas     I know from my experience as an actor that pantomime performers are extremely versatile, far...