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Destination Beehive: Newest Electorate Hotly Contested

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The brand new electorate of Port Nicholson, located in the heart of Wellington City, has proved to be a highly contestable area, with no clear leader coming through in local polls. Despite Wellington’s reputation as a liberal Labour stronghold, it appears that the newest...

The Happy Place: What Robin Williams Means to an Improvisor

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By: Aaron Alexander The shock came and the sadness lingered. The tributes have all been written, read and shared. The issues have been debated back and forth by people with wildly varying levels of basis for comment. And now, people, broadly speaking, are moving on. But I know...

Constellations: An elegant production of this fascinating play.

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CONSTELLATIONS One Relationship. Infinite Possibilities In this universe you don’t have infinity to catch Constellations. We’re already in our final weeks of the show, and what a time we’re having. Responses have been heartfelt, connected, emotive and energised, and there have...

The Improvisors go to the Movies … with Tim Gordon

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This week on drama on the waterfront, The Improvisors Artistic Director Tim Gordon talks about their next show at Circa, The Improvisors go to the Movies, opening on Sunday 10 August. DOTW: Many of the Improvisors work in the movie industry – what insights will this bring to the...