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Demolition of the Recording

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Musician Sean O’Brien (aka Joe Blossom) talks about Duncan Sarkies and The Demolition of the Century. In film, people talk of method actors. I think of Duncan Sarkies as a method writer. His prose is first person narrative and one of the ways he dials up the world through...

Composer Gareth Hobbs on the music in Seed

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Seed opened at Circa Theatre over the weekend to a ‘rapturous reception’. Publicist Debbie Fish talks to musician Gareth Hobbs about creating the original score for the show.   DF: Where do you start, when you’re creating music for a show? GH: Generally I read the script and...

The Kitchen at the End of the World: ‘takes place in a surreal place somewhere between Samuel Beckett and C.S.Lewis!’

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The Kitchen at the End of the World is set in an empty hotel on the edge of the Great Vastness, the unchartered lands beyond the stretch of marionettes’ strings. On a snowy evening, a poet, a mathematician and a musician find out that there is only one original song left...

Red Riding Hood: ‘an entertaining show, filled with romance, comedy and drama’

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  Red Riding Hood herself, Awhimai Fraser, talks to drama on the waterfront about the panto experience for the first post of 2015!   There is nothing more rewarding than watching a young child trying to tell you out of pure desperation that there is “a wolf behind you”...

Seed: “it’s entertaining, pure and simple”

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Playwright Elisabeth Easther shares her thoughts about how Seed came about and what it’s like watching her writing performed on stage. I started Seed as a novel; a couple of years ago I’d had a couple of miscarriages and the next thing I knew I was on the merry go round ...