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A Crazy Ride

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This week on drama* on the waterfront, Director Kerryn Palmer talks about the crazy ride that is the Circa season of Second Afterlife. Second Afterlife a crazy ride!!!!! The Internet scares me. It baffles me with its endless infiltration into people’s lives. So much time is...

Commedia dell’arte

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This week on drama* on the waterfront, Colleen McColl, publicist for A Servant to Two Masters, delves into the commedia dell’arte style of theatre Commedia dell’arte = ‘comedy of the profession’, ‘theatre of the professional’, ‘comedy of art’  One of the most interesting things...

The audience loves Don Juan

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This week on drama* on the waterfront, we’re two weeks into the four-week season ofDon Juan, and it has received heaps of praise from audience and reviewers alike! So far audience members have said: “I went to this show and haven’t laughed so hard in a long, long...

Young And Hungry Servants

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The Young and Hungry Arts Trust Ambassadors are a group of keen bean Year 12 & 13 students, who attend shows at Circa and others theatres throughout the year and write reviews.  They joined us at A Servant to Two Masters on Tuesday night.  Here are some of the reviews for you...

Proud to Celebrate 25 Years of Making You Laugh

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This week on *drama on the waterfront, The Improvisors are proud to celebrate 25 Years of making you laugh! By Tim Gordon Harris Street. Circa Theatre. The Improvisors first show Suspect – an improvised murder mystery, is Main Bill for the International Festival of the Arts 1990....