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Director’s Secret Diary: “ACB” Production Week

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With opening night just around the corner we thought it would only be fair to release a sneak peek at all the hard work the cast and Crew of “The ACB with Honora Lee” were putting in. BEHIND THE SCENES! Saturday 20th Two crucial pieces of AV screen missing. Where are...

Who Are We Now? The show with a question as its name starts answering

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Produced by Footnote New Zealand Dance Performed by ChoreoCo. Choreographed by Maria Dabrowska   This year is off to a busy and thrilling start for Footnote New Zealand Dance, and it’s about to get even more exciting as we look forward to opening Who Are We Now? at Circa on...

Blog 2. Legends of Merch.

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Over the course of our creative collaboration, Geoff and I always try to make a quick buck by selling merchandise. It never works. For our first show, we minted commemorative teaspoons featuring my face and that of Helen Clark. We sold more than a dozen before they had to be...