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Joyful memories – Linda Wilson looks back

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Linda Wilson reminisces about her time with the original production of Joyful & Triumphant.  Whenever I’m giving a tour of Circa Theatre I’m often asked what my favourite production has been. The answer is easy: Joyful & Triumphant, which I worked on as Stage...

Back Again! Joyful & Triumphant take 2

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Three Actors return as cast members, this time playing different roles, in Joyful & Triumphant – together with their original scripts!    Jane Waddell, Catherine Downes, Michele Amas   How do you feel about being back working together on Joyful & Triumphant? JANE...

The Jekyll & Hyde cast: a scandalous game of who dunnit.

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Jekyll & Hyde opens at Circa Two next week in time to heat up the fast approaching Autumn evenings. Five French clowns will be seducing your inner Hyde out to play. Here they reveal their most evil moments in a scandalous game of who dunnit. A truly guilt-ridden culprit takes...


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Circa Theatre is delighted to be hosting Anthony McCarten as we celebrate and remember such productions as Yellow Canary Mazurka, Via Satellite, Weed and F.I.L.T.H. Fun Facts  Anthony was born and raised in New Plymouth, New Zealand. Worked as a reporter for a couple of years on...

One Night Only…….Waves

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The brave and adventurous of all ages will love Waves. Discover a tall tale of a girl at sea, in this enchanting evening of theatre. We know it as the “butterfly stroke” but to Elizabeth Moncello growing up on Australia’s Gabo Island in the 1930s it was the “dolphin”. So reveals...