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Behind-the-scenes with Kings of the Gym Stage Manager Oscar Mulheron.

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Kings of the Gym Stage Manager Oscar Mulheron talks to drama on the waterfrontabout his accidental career, working with his uncle and the highs and lows of stage management.   DOTW: How did you get into Stage Management and what was the appeal? OM: I really fell into it by...

Midsummers mid-week production

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Circa Two is buzzing with Scottish flair and folk. We’re mid-production week forMIDSUMMER (a play with songs), and if it’s not laughter you’re hearing bounding out of the theatre, than it’s the compelling sound of Byron and Kate’s voices, bringing to life the beautiful turns and...

C – A Musical: not a traditional musical

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In this week’s post, composer Gareth Farr talks to drama on the waterfront about the music in C and working with Jackie Clarke.   This is the fifth musical that Paul and I have written – and strangely enough it’s the one that is least like a traditional musical. It...

Costume Design in TU

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  Notes on Costume Design for TŪ currently playing at Circa One: Clare Bowden I don’t know when Hone Kouka first started mentioning this project to me. Over the past 8 or so years it would come up when he was asking for small amounts of help on other theatre projects. He...