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Why Arthur Miller wrote The Price

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  In this abridged version of an article written for the New York Times in 1999, playwright Arthur Miller explains why he wrote The Price. The Past and Its Power: Why I Wrote ‘The Price’ “The sources of a play are both obvious and mysterious. The Price is...


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In this week’s post on drama on the waterfront, we find out how director/designer Andrew Foster discovered Mark Rothko’s process, and recreated it for the Circa Theatre production of RED. Opening this Saturday 13 July in Circa Two, is the six time Tony award-winning...

C – A Musical: A Great Journey

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Writer/director/costume designer Paul Jenden talks to drama on the waterfrontabout the journey from page to stage for C – A Musical.   “Turn on the lights, rack up the sound and bring on the dancing girls. Let’s make this sucker into a musical.” C – A Musical is...


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TU Playwright and director Hone Kouka tells drama on the waterfront about the creation of TU, opening in Circa One on 15 June.   Tihei mauriora, “Wider than the mightiest sky”, My elder brothers have always been at the forefront of my thoughts throughout the creati...

After Juliet

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After Juliet director Sarah Delahunty talks to drama on the waterfront about the current Circa Two hit.   Recently I was idly watching  “Shakespeare in Love” on TV (while working on a rehearsal schedule for something and eating dinner) – but when I saw the supposed...


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Tribes   In this 2010 article by Tribes playwright Nina Raine, she explains about her inspiration for the play.   I first had the idea of writing Tribes when I watched a documentary about a deaf couple. The woman was pregnant. They wanted their baby to be deaf. I was...

Mike and Virginia

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Mike and Virginia co-playwright Nick Ward talks to drama on the waterfront about preparing the runway for ideas and the experience of writing with Kathryn Burnett. “Where do you get your ideas from?” That is the question that every writer dreads. Well, this writer dreads it...

Roger Hall and Peter Skellern always hand them back

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You Can Always Hand Them Back playwright Roger Hall talks about his collaboration with Peter Skellern on their new musical about grandparents. Peter Skellern and his wife Diana come out each summer to see their son and grandchildren who live in Devonport. Mutual friends suggested...

The Road to “Kings of the Gym”

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Playwright Dave Armstrong talks about the origins of his new play, set in a school gymnasium, Kings of the Gym. The initial idea for Kings of the Gym probably occurred in the mid-1970s in the gymnasium of my local secondary school. I remember back then that most gymnasiums in...