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Duration: 4 May to 9 Jun
Location: Circa Two
Price: $30 -$55

End of Summer Time

By Sir Roger Hall

Life teaches an old dog new tricks.

Sir Roger Hall’s latest one man show again features lovable curmudgeon with a heart of gold, Dickey Hart.  Rugby fanatic Dickey, first entertained audiences in the late 90’s in Come On Black which toured the country to sellout crowds. Dickey Hart reappeared in the 2013 You’ve Got to be Joking and his change of lifestyle, going from the country into town, again kept us highly amused.

Now it is 2023. Older now, Dickey has moved into an Auckland apartment with wife Glenda…to be nearer the grandchildren. He tries valiantly and hilariously to confront life in the great big, bad city and very funny, sticky situations abound.

Then, suddenly Covid strikes and Dickey finds himself isolated and starting to go downhill. Thankfully he rallies … a little older and a lot wiser …and so a positive, enlightened future can now be enjoyed by the valiant, resilient Dickey and by crikey he gives it heaps!  Because even this crusty old dog can learn new tricks.

Sir Roger Hall our most successful and popular playwright has been making us laugh with hit comedies: … Glide Time, Spreading Out, Four Flat Whites in Italy, Who Wants to Be a Hundred, Last Legs … for over five decades…now he pens another winner!

Actor Gavin Rutherford ensures Dickey Hart is truthful, likeable and funny. After all he played the character brilliantly back in 2011 and has been the iconic “Dame” in countless Circa Pantomimes. Ross Jolly has also directed six of Hall’s sold out Circa productions.


“Once again clever Sir Roger Hall strikes comedy gold…funny, insightful, entertaining…End of Summer Time is a great night out. Don’t miss it!” Ross Jolly

4 May to 9 Jun
Preview 3 May
Q& A nights: Tuesday 7 and 12 May 2024

Circa Two
Tues – Sat 7.30pm, Sun 4pm

Runtime 1 hour 30 minutes with no interval (subject to change)