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Duration: 7 April - 5 May
Location: Comedy - HURRY LAST DAYS!
Price: $25 - $52
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by Florian Zeller
Directed by Ross Jolly
Translator: Christopher Hampton

A sharp comedy of lies and infidelity…


Circa One

7 April – 5 May
Tues – Thurs 6.30pm, Fri – Sat 8pm, Sun 4pm
$25 – $52

Runtime: 2 hours including 15 min interval

Proudly sponsored by Christopher Finlayson

A slick, nimble labyrinth of deceit THE LIE is the latest gem from the pen of FLORIAN ZELLER the highly acclaimed writer of the hit play THE FATHER.

Michel and Laurence are coming for dinner. But Alice has spotted Michel kissing another woman that very afternoon leaving her with the dilemma… should she tell her friend what she saw or not. Her husband Paul believes it is better to behave as if nothing has happened; Alice is far from sure. As their own relationship is held up to scrutiny …it becomes clear that some truths are best left unsaid…. In affairs of the heart the line between truth and lie can be a dangerous one to cross.

Fresh from a hot sold-out London run THE LIE is a brilliantly ruthless comedy which dissects the hypocrisies which holds society together.

In a pitch perfect translation by Christopher Hampton THE LIE is smart, thought-provoking and painfully funny.

A devious must see.

“LYING IS A SIGN OF LOVE” …..ISN’T IT?” – Florian Zeller

PLEASE NOTE: “The Lie” replaces the previously advertised “The Truth”


COMMENDABLY CRISP, A STUNNING FINISH – Theatreview Dave Smith (8 April)

“These actors are certainly up to it.  They more than maintain Circa’s reputation for professional excellence. Their cues are commendably crisp and nobody ever goes off at an unfortunate tangent. With this script one could hardly blame them if they did. Super witty it all is…Get along and see. You’ll not be disappointed.”

The Lie: A fascinating and intriguing play – Dominion Post Ewen Coleman

“All four actors in The Lie play out the scenario with great confidence and finesse… make this fascinating and intriguing play well worth watching.”

Regional News – Maddie Empson

“Jolly has put this fine cast together on a stylish stage (set design by Foster) illuminated by a chic, understated lighting design (Marcus McShane) and elevated by pumping music. He milks Zeller’s brilliant script with flair and gusto, drawing out the suspense to such great effect that at some points, I had to watch through my fingers.”