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1 Taranaki Street, Wellington | Box Office Ph: 04 801 7992
Duration: 2 - 13 Jan
Location: Circa One
Price: $18 – $55
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By Simon Leary and Gavin Rutherford
Watch out! He’s behind yaarrrrr!
Set sail with Orphan Jim, his dog Patch and Aunt Peggy Legg to find the pirate treasure!
Loosely based on the classic story by Robert Louis Stevenson, this summer’s pantomime crosses the high seas, faces the Kraken, and navigates lava-erupting volcanoes. It’s an all-out adventure that will have the whole family going ‘ooooooh’ and ‘arrrrrrrgh’!
Is the mysterious young witch a trustworthy friend or will she give them the Black Spot? Will Long John Silver steal the map and scupper their plans? Journey from Port Knickerson, past the rocky shores of Johnsonville, to fight off the BureaucRats of Molesworth Street. With overboard gags, tropical references, and salty shanties that’ll raise your Jolly Roger. Come with us on an expedition to find the greatest treasure of all: love and acceptance.

Naaah. Just kidding. There’s actual gold!

‘A rollicking night out!’ — The Post