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Duration: 4 May ‑ 1 June
Classic - Genius… A True Masterpiece of the Century
Price: $25 - $52
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Director: Ross Jolly
By Samuel Beckett

4 May ‑ 1 June
Preview 3 May
Circa One
Tues – Thurs 6.30pm
Fri – Sat 8pm
Sun 4pm
$25 – $52

Genius… A True Masterpiece of the Century

Two homeless men wait on a bare road with a single tree. They are in no particular time or place – nowhere and everywhere. Over two days they argue, get bored, clown around, repeat themselves, and wait. They’re waiting for the one who will never come. They’re waiting for Godot. Who, or what, is Godot? Whatever you want, a metaphor for every kind of thing  you can think of. Essentially Waiting for Godot is about lying in the gutter but looking at the stars. And then of course, there’s the writing
and the humour. It leaps off the stage and is hugely emotional and compassionate and funny. Beckett himself said that the laughter and the tears were all that mattered.

One of the greatest 20th-Century plays, Waiting for Godot remains, after innumerable productions worldwide over the past 60 years, “a witty and poetic conundrum” (The Guardian), “humorous and deeply human” (The Press),’’ entertainment of a high order ” (NY Times).

Featuring: Jeff Kingsford-Brown, Andrew Foster, Peter Hambleton, Jack Buchanan

Design: Andrew Foster
Lighting: Marcus McShane
Costumes: Sheila Horton

‘Something that will securely lodge in a corner of your mind for as long as you live.’ – The Sunday Times