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In 2012, we were thrilled to welcome our millionth patron to Circa Theatre!  Wellington resident and true arts supporter, Renate Savage, purchased the one millionth ticket through Circa’s waterfront Box Office.  Renate was celebrated at an event with MC Dai Henwood, hosted by TACT Trustee Anna Kennedy and (then Minister for Arts, Culture & Heritage) Hon. Chris Finlayson MP.

“The word that comes to mind about Monday night is smile – it was such a smiley evening!” said Mrs Savage.“And that’s how I feel about Circa – Wellington has a lot to smile about because of Circa. The Theatre is such an important part of life and Circa brings so much happiness to so many people in Wellington. Thank you to all the actors and people involved in Circa from the bottom of my heart.”

New seats being installed Jan 2016

New seats being installed Jan 2016

Treat Your Seat

Having seated one million patrons in our main auditorium, we decided that it must be time to upgrade the seats.

In 2015 we completed a campaign to raise money for new seats in our main theatre – a major piece of work that was only possible with private philanthropic support.  We would like to thank the extreme generosity of the following donors, who helped us raise over $200,000 to Treat Your Seat.

With thanks to those who donated seats:  Denis & Verna Adam, Lewardowski Family Trust, Greg Anderson, Lois Anderson, Paul & Sheryl Bains, Bob & Sally, Suzanne Blumhardt, Patricia Bollard & Nocolette McKenzie, Mayor Celia Wade-Brown, Bruce Bornholdt, Joy & Rue Bourke, Rosemary & Max Bradford, Lynette & Brian Burrell, John Cahill, Rodney Callender, Vivien Callender, Anne & Owen Carr, Jean Cashin, Diana Crossan, Judith Dale, Penny Deans, Andrew Gawith, Anne Donnell, Diana Duff Staniland, Ronnie Biggs, Bill & Mary English, John Errington, John Farrell & Rosemary Fullerton-Smith, Meg Flux, John Flux, Errol Fogarty, Emily Thompson, Valda Ford, Marion & Paul Frater, Judith Geare, Michael & Creena Gibbons, Helen & Rob Goldblatt, Tiahuia & Neil Gray, John & Melanie Greenwood, Dr. John Grigor, Jenny & Ross Hanna, Carolyn Henwood, Ray Henwood, Dai Henwood, Vivien Hirschfeld, Alisa Hirschfeld, Daniel Hirschfeld, Miri Hirschfeld, John & Heather Hutton, Museum Art Hotel, Paul & Judy Keesing, Ken Keith, Jocelyn Keith, David & Christine Kernohan, Patricia Knight, Nick & Ros Lambrechtsen, The Letteri Family, The Lonergan Family, Ann Mallinson, P. and A. Maloney, Anne Manchester, Ben Wilson, T. & H. Marwick, Rod McLeod, Cecily McNeill, Joy McNicoll, Pen Moore, Ethel Munro, Taliah Morrison, Ottilie Morrison, Elliott Morrison, Isabella Morrison, Vita Morrison, Julie Nevett, Kate & David Ongley, Barbara Osburne, Victor Osbourne & Audrey Seeto, Sir Geoffrey and Margaret Palmer, Chris Parkin, Sam Perry & Iona Anderson, Australian High Commission, Lyn & Bruce Robertson, Sarah Romans & Trevor Silverstone, Gill & Bruce Ross, Antonia & Elizabeth Saunders, Roy & Renate Savage, Barbara Scelly & Jack Shallcrass, Zain Smith (Everybody Cool Lives Here), Henry Stubbs, Ian Fraser & Suzanne Snively, Deirdre Tarrant, Monica Taylor, Kathy Tipler, John and Teena Todd, David & Lesley Udy, Nicola Varuhas, David & Annette Wale, Kathryn & Peter Walls, Margaret & Ted Watson, Carla & John Wild, Priscilla & Sheila Williams, Kirsty Wood, Jane Wrightson, Annabel Young, and Chris Yu.

Thanks to all other donors:  Sally & Evan Abernethy, Denise Almao, Jacquie Alves, Katherine Andersen, Phil Austin, Pip Bennet, Trevor Bleakley, Jenni Borren, Richard Braae & Andrea Gray, Kathleen Brabin, Bettina Bradbury, Jocelyn Brandon, Paul & Ann Breen, Alan & Belinda Brian, Susan Brierley, Gordon Brown, Marie Burgess, Alan Cameron, Janice Campbell, Bernard & Kay Carol, Rick & Loraine Christie, Marie Christoffel, Margaret Clark, Rosemary Collier, Margaret Collins, Charles P. Cooper, Dorothy Corry, Gillian Croad, Ann Cunningham, Mark Davis, Frances Dawson, J.M. Denne, Cathy Downes, Kristin Downey, Pam & Graham Dyhrberg, Virginia Earle, Sally Evers, Peter Fabian, Dorothy Fraser, Selwyn Gallot, Rini Gardenier, Anne Gasson, Ros Gellatly, Steven C Gentry, Yael Gezentsvey, Colin & Maureen Gibb, Joyce Gibson, Ambassador Mark & Mrs Nancy Gilbert, BN & JM Gillespie, Jenny & Neil Gordon, Margaret Gordon, Murray Gowans, Barbara Green, J. Grieve, Jan Gunderson, Jo Hansen & Mark Reese, Deryn Hardie Boys, Brian & Sally Hasell, Barbara Hay, P. & J. Hector, Jacqueline Hemmingson, Fiona Heron, Naney Hill, Jane Hill, Sue Hirst, Sue Hirst, Marian Hofsteede, Merril Holdsworth, Jocelyn Holmes, Fran Hoover, H Hunn, Diane Imus, Susan & Nigel Isaacs, Max Kerr & Jenny Robertson, Richard Keller, Pia Laurin, Magaret Lee, Jenny Lewis, Christine Lock, Malcolm Macaskill, Ainslie Maresca, Avis Marshall, John & Meave McCarthy, Claire McDonald, Caroline McGhie, Kaye & Dennis McKinley, Ewen McNeill, Jenny Middlemass, Rose Miller, Eunice Mowles, John M. Nankervis, Wayne Nicol, Jill O’Connor, Joycelyn Pearson, Joycelyn Pearson, Heather Perry, Laraine & Malcolm Perrett, Beth Pethig, Bruce Phillips, J.A. Pope, Margaret Raudnic, Ruth Reese, Margery & Bill Renwick, Tony Richardson, Alan & Cath Roberts, Mr P.L. Rundle, Rella Rutherford, Edith Ryan & Anne McKinnon, Keith Ryan, Agnes Sang, Patricia Sarr, Stella Say, Josephine Scott, Marion Sherley, Tim & Claire Shirtcliffe, Judy & John Stratmore, Henry Stubbs, Jenny Studd, Patricia Sziranyi, Margaret Taylor & Warren Jones, Howard Taylor, Marjorie Thomas, Barbara Thomas, Craig Thompson, John & Heidi Thomson, Annemarie Treadwell, Fay Tudor, Shirley Vollweiler, A McKinnon & W. E. Ryan, Jill  Waddington, Margaret & Michael Walls, Naomi Ware, Johanna Warren, Barbara Watson, Sue Watt, Charles Wells, Erica Whyte, Lee Wilkinson, Shelia Williams, Kirsty Wood, Barbara Woods, and Dollaine Young.

And also to other contributors:  Creative New Zealand, Wellington Community Trust, Pelorus Trust, Mainland Foundation, and Infinity Foundation.