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The Happy Place: What Robin Williams Means to an Improvisor

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By: Aaron Alexander The shock came and the sadness lingered. The tributes have all been written, read and shared. The issues have been debated back and forth by people with wildly varying levels of basis for comment. And now, people, broadly speaking, are moving on. But I know...

Theatresports 2014: half way through the season!

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The NZ Comedy Festival may be over, but the glooms of winter are still being driven back by the flames of live comedy at Circa Theatre every Sunday night. The Improvisors are half-way through their season of Theatresports. It’s a format that many people will have seen – two teams...

Theatresports Freestyle: Explained

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Improvisor Greg Ellis explains to drama on the waterfront the concept of Theatresports Freestyle. Theatresports, as most people know it, is a series of short improvised games. It’s the most popular type of improvisation and when people think of improv, Theatresports is the...

The Improvisors’ present Comic Heroes

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Wonder Woman! Superman! The X Men! Spider Man! What do they all have in common? Yes,yes, apart from their amazing super-powers …. ? It’s obvious – not one of them is a Kiwi!   The Improvisors take on the challenge of plugging this gap in the NZ workforce in their 2013...