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Improv for Kids: Introducing Your Child to the Arts

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This week on drama on the waterfront, find out about the benefits of introducing children to theatre from a young age (and then bring them along to Improv for Kids so they can enjoy those benefits!).   Dramatic Play for Children Children of all ages love to pretend. As...

HALLOWEENIES! The Improvisors Spring School Holiday Show

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What if all the things that go bump in the night are just misunderstood? To round the year off The Improvisors have a special early Halloween treat. Halloweenies presents the least scary cast of spooky misfits you are ever likely to see on stage. No screams here, just big laughs!...

The fantastic world of Super Heroes

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The “Incredible Improv Man” tells drama on the waterfront what to expect from The Improvisors’ latest school holiday show, Kids Comic Heroes!   From: The Incredible Improv Man Zap!! Ka-pow!! Ka-blooey!! The Improvisors are back at Circa for the July school...