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Commedia dell’arte

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This week on drama* on the waterfront, Colleen McColl, publicist for A Servant to Two Masters, delves into the commedia dell’arte style of theatre Commedia dell’arte = ‘comedy of the profession’, ‘theatre of the professional’, ‘comedy of art’  One of the most interesting things...

Kathleen Burns in A Servant to Two Masters

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This week in *drama on the waterfront, Kathleen Burns answers questions about playing Beatrice in A Servant to Two Masters, which opens at Circa on Saturday 2 May. You are based in Christchurch and I believe this is the second Circa Theatre production you have been cast in? KB:...

The Pitmen Painters: rave reviews, rare chances and radical royalties!

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The amazing, true story of The Pitmen Painters is receiving rave reviews … “Excellent production of a great play …. A most satisfying evening of theatre” – DomPost “The Pitmen Painters is serious and funny, insightful and entertaining. A wonderful real life journey which we...

The Pitmen Painters: A Class of Their Own

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From a WEA class to a major influence on the art world – the story of the incredible Ashington Group of Pitmen Painters is in a class of its own. Something very unusual happened in the Northumberland colliery village of Ashington, when, in 1943, a newly erected hut was...