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Grab a wine, grab a seat, and make sure you see Yep, Still Got It!”

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This week on drama on the waterfront, co-writer Sandy Brewer talks about working with Jane Keller on Yep, Still Got It!   There is nothing quite as self-affirming as being able to look at yourself in the mirror and sayYep, Still Got It! So after her last 3 one woman shows,...

Wake Up Tomorrow: Chicken’s off the menu

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This year as audiences embark on the journey of a lifetime with Wake Up Tomorrow, chicken or fish won’t be served. Chicken’s cut because the youth no longer want to play poultry, instead they’re guns blazing, more confident than ever before.   During the team’s newest...

Behind-the-scenes of The Demolition of the Century: a producer’s perspective

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Show Pony’s Adrianne Roberts tells drama on the waterfront how she came to be involved with The Demolition of the Century. I first came to know of this little* book Duncan was writing back in 2012, when my husband read one of the first manuscripts to provide feedback. A few...