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Behind-the-scenes of The Demolition of the Century: a producer’s perspective

Show Pony’s Adrianne Roberts tells drama on the waterfront how she came to be involved with The Demolition of the Century.

I first came to know of this little* book Duncan was writing back in 2012, when my husband read one of the first manuscripts to provide feedback. A few months later the book was published and I devoured it in two days. It was a story that entirely captivated me and the end was one of those satisfying twists that a reader revels in (don’t worry, we don’t give it away in the show!).

Hearing there was to be a staged version of the book, I was intrigued. I’d seen Duncan’s readings before, but what stands this show out from the other readings is the hypnotic live score by Joe Blossom. It makes the show transcend from a staged reading to providing a rich theatrical landscape for the audience to imagine the world of Duncan’s characters. Joe and Duncan also have a great chemistry onstage, and the moments where they sing, dance and interact with each other are beautiful. After the show I approached the boys and offered my help if ever they needed it, here we are with Show Pony proudly producing this Circa season!

I’ve produced plenty of theatre, but have never really delved into music or spoken word. I think it’s a great credit to Circa Theatre for programming a piece that is outside its usual gamut, and it’s been amazing to see the different types of people coming through the doors. Music lovers, bookworms, movie fans have all come along and had their love for live performance satisfied by our show. So far we’ve received online feedback from audiences saying  “like nothing I’ve seen before”, “couldn’t believe how fast it went, was so enthralled by stories unfolding, highs and lows in good balance” and “amazing and witty character vignettes interspersed with beautiful music”. With another two weeks of performances to go, I am looking forward to hearing what more Wellingtonians think of our little Demolition.

*book may actually not be little, but it is available for purchase after the show for $30, as well as Joe Blossoms’ vinyl Nocturnes for $20


To book for The Demolition of the Century, visit www.circa.co.nz or call the Circa Box Office on 801-7992.


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