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Kiss, Tell and Win: Share your Stage Kiss

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Stage Kiss opens on the 2 July in Circa One. In preparation for this stunning comedy we are giving away some tickets (for shows between the 5 – 7 of July).

We want to hear any funny theatrical moments or awkward/embarrassing date night stories.

Send us a short paragraph to and go in the draw to win double passes to Stage Kiss!

All stories are confidential and no names will be mentioned!


To start us off here are a few…..

“A funny love story of mine sort of related to the play… I was really attracted to another actor and we had a brief romance offstage. The relationship ended and I was quite physically repulsed by him. About a month later, we were cast opposite each other as lovers. I really had to do some serious acting then…whereas for him, a method actor, he’d done all his research and probably thought he was nailing it.” – Actress


“At uni, back when I was only barely poking one of my gay toes out of the closet I did a scene for someone’s directing paper. The scene was with a girl who I knew had a thing for me at the time (now a good friend of mine and professional actor). The director wanted us to kiss at one point and it led to this long awkward conversation where I was listing off all these grasping, desperate reasons why the scene didn’t need a kiss at that point. Nowadays I prefer kissing scenes with women cos we both know it’s just acting. It’s the kissing scenes with attractive men that I have to worry about.” – Actor


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