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Meet the cast of Red Riding Hood

The Dominion Post called it


So who are the super-talented people making this happen?  Meet the cast of Roger Hall’s RED RIDING HOOD The Pantomime ….


Awhimai Fraser (Red Riding Hood)

(Sandy in Grease, Hairspray)
14.12.01 red


Red Riding Hood is the first Pantomime I have had the privilege to be a part of and it has been such a wonderful experience. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so much during a rehearsal process. The actors in this are witty, captivating and extremely polished. I love now doing it before an audience and hopefully inspiring kids to do the right thing, just like Red Riding Hood!




Gavin Rutherford (Grandma Hood – the Dame)

(A View from the Bridge, Equivocation)

14.12.01 red the dame



This is the fifth year I will be ‘donning the frock’ for a pantomime. Earlier shows were Roger Hall’s Robin HoodCinderella, and Aladdin, and last year’s Mother Goose. Every time we have so much fun putting these silly shows together. I think making ourselves laugh (and therefore our audience sharing the fun that we are having) is an essential part of these wonderfully fun summer treats.



Carrie Green (Dahlia Hood)

(Destination Beehive, I Could Live Here)

14.12.01 red dahlia


This is my first Circa panto and I’m stoked that for my first time I get to play mother to Awhi and daughter to Gavin – we make an interesting wee ‘family’. I love our little company. Acting everyday with a bunch of seriously funny people is my dream job. I hope you guys enjoy the show as much as I enjoy being part of it!


Jane Waddell (Boris) LEFT

(August Osage County, Who Wants to be a Hundred?)

14.12.01 boris


It’s a great pleasure to be part of the Panto team again – I’ve had Panto withdrawal since I played Lady Muck in Robin Hood four years ago.  Prior to that I’d been in Jack and the Beanstalk, and Dick Whittington. The cast expends a massive amount of energy, but the pay-off is the audience participation – together we raise the roof!


Jonathan Morgan (Morris) RIGHT

(Destination Beehive, Grease)

14.12.01 boris


Red Riding Hood is my first pantomime experience. The rehearsals were hilariously entertaining, both due to the writing and the cast.  And now that we have an audience, I just love that the show is directed at both children and adults and I really enjoy the great audience reactions


Patrick Davies (Sir Roger Bounder)

(The Pitmen Painters, The Motor Camp (Fortune))

14.12.01 roger



I’m having a blast in this production as Sir Roger Bounder, the evil property developer with no heart and a lust for profit. Nothing can touch Sir Roger for devilish good looks and a mind like a steel trap. He’s obviously the main role that everyone will admire – or else! It’s always great fun to be booed!




Simon Leary (Lance)

(The Pitmen Painters, Hound of the Baskervilles)

14.12.01 lance



After doing last year’s pantomime Mother Goose, I’m very excited to be returning to the world of panto – this time as Lance – The DOC Worker. What better way to spend a summer than with a bunch of crazy characters making silly jokes while singing and dancing? I just feel sorry for people who only get to see it once!



Tom Truss (The Wolf)

(The Marvellous Adventures of Jack & Daisy, Immaculate)

14.12.01 the wolf



Coming from the USA (I arrived in NZ in 2012), this is my first time doing or seeing a panto and it is infinitely more fun and fabulous than I thought it would be. I laugh more each time I see it so I think everybody should see it at least twice – if not thrice ; )





Red Riding Hood runs until 21 December, and then returns in the New Year 2-10 January. Performances before Christmas are already selling out, so book soon!www.circa.co.nz / 801-7992


Photos by Stephen A’Court.


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