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Stage Kiss 101 – A Practical Assessment

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One of the hottest new plays is about to hit the stage at Circa Theatre so we though you had all better be well educated. 


For those of us who have never had to (or are never likely to, but would secretly love to) do a Stage Kiss, here are a few tips…

No one likes to be kissed by chapped or crusty lips, so before the scene, moisturize your lips.  And as long as we’re talking about hygiene, always remember to try to have a clean, fresh mouth. Chew gum, use breath freshener, brush your teeth. No matter how much effort it takes, it’s much better than grossing out your co-kisser.

Kiss away. For real. Only without all the emotions, entanglements and tongue. Keep the tongue out of the other person’s mouth, completely! Lips only.



Put your hands on your co-star’s cheek, with your thumb on their lips. Make sure the audience can’t see your thumb.

Do not pucker! Just close your eyes, and half pucker!

Bring your lips passionately toward theirs, and then… kiss your thumb. It will be in his or her lips, so the audience won’t be able to tell that it’s a faked kiss!






If you are the one being “kissed”, don’t kiss back, or the audience will see the thumb. Instead, embrace your co-star.

Unfortunately many directors do not approve of this method. In the professional world you will have to really kiss your romantic interest.




Stage Kiss opens 2 July! Until 30 Jul.

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