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What to do this School Holidays?

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School holidays
Top 5 things to do!

The school holidays are fast approaching with the rain and windy winter weather. As we all know summer months are excellent for children to be home when there is so much to do. Parks, picnic, beaches, pools, camping, tramping or just letting them run around outside constructing mud pies and forts.

The winter months make entertaining children a more difficult task. The cold weather has everyone in a bad mood and there are only so many movies to watch or books to read. Organizing play dates can also be dangerous; after the initial excitement and first hour of play the children troop over complaining “We’re bored” or “there’s nothing to do.”

Here at Circa Theatre we have a solution.

Playshop Performance Company present Grimm Bedtime Stories is a hilarious and magical tale of brothers who are determined to stay up late by thrilling each other with stories. Some stories are scary, some are sweet and others are much too fun! Theatre is not passive like television and films can be, rather your child will be encouraged to join in and participate in the action and creativity.


Production Image 2 grimm


Grimm Bedtime Stories opens specially for the July school holidays. With 11am shows daily this is the perfect chance for you to get your children out of the house and into an immersive theatrical experience.

Interactive theatre is an experience like no other. Grimm bedtime stories is a show created specifically for children aged between 5 – 10 years of age, your children will be invited into this secret world, where bed sheets become landscapes, torches become monsters eyes, and pyjamas become mystical puppets.


Our top five recommendations for the July School Holidays!


  1. Go and see Grimm Bedtime stories at Circa Theatre! Discover a world of interactive theatre and then go exploring for more! KidzStuff The Owl and The PussyCat is on at the same time and Peter Wilson, creator of Little Dog Barking, will be doing a dramatic reading on how to use hand puppets.


  1. Visit Te Papa New Zealand Museum which is just across the road from Circa Theatre. Visit the giant squid and the earthquake house, dig for dinosaur bones out in the nature walk.


  1. Reading Cinema in a five minute walk from Circa Theatre so why not make the best of their $5 tickets and go see Finding Dory!


  1. Enjoy a tasty treat. With Frozen Yoghurt, the Little Waffle Shop and Wendy’s Ice cream there are plenty of yummy treats to choose from!


  1. Visit the Kilbirnie Recreation Centre for endless hours of fun. Suitable for bikes and scooters with Tinytown – a safe, fun, interactive play area with ride-on toys and high energy activities for preschoolers.


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