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Farewell from Joan

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Joan director Tim Gordon takes a moment to thank all of you for your support  I’m the first to admit the many of the blogs published by cast and crew are faintly disguised marketing plugs. This one is not because Joan is wrapped. Within 60 minutes of the last standing ovation...


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As both Set and Costume Designer, Ian Harman is responsible for creating the striking visual world of A Doll’s House. Below he explains his production concepts and process. I absolutely adored Emily Perkins’ take on A Doll’s House. I wanted to set it very “now” so the immediacy...

Reflections on Caging Skies

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Playwright Desiree Gezentsvey, author Christine Leunens, and Director Andrew Foster reflect on Desiree’s stage adaptation of Caging Skies: Desiree: When I met Christine two years ago, she gave me a copy of Caging Skies and I was instantly hooked. Why did her moving story of love,...

A Doll’s House – Peter McCauley returns to Circa, Ibsen and working with Emily Perkins

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Peter McCauley plays Gerry in A Doll’s House. Here Peter shares his thoughts on returning to Circa, to Ibsen and to working with Emily Perkins once again. If the past is a foreign country, as is stated in The Go-Between then my history in that country speaks with a forked tongue....